Pet peeve

I really hate people that think that they are "entitled," think that life is not fair, that fate is against them, or that they have some hard life. These people are whiney and selfish. Grow up!

He he! [Connection failed to,143: Connection refused],86339,

My favorite part is "They believe that the repair process will take at least one hour." That was 4 hours ago.

Looking back at the last email outage (which occured a mere two weeks ago) we have the following choice lines: "We believe that there was no loss of mail due to the outage." I lost two pieces of mail. "They hope that mail delivery will resume within an hour." Mail was reported to have been restored more than 24 HOURS later.

Bets on this length? I say until tomorrow afternoon.

Family Guy Rocks

Liz got me the family guy on DVD for my bday, absolutely funny. Kevin and I just watched Lethal Weapons and The Kiss Seen Round the World. My favorite part:

Lois: What's going on here?
Stewie: We're playing 'house'
Lois: Why is this boy all tied up?
Stewie: Roman Polanski's House!

Facts of the day

Worcester Police does not inform other states (at least New Hampshire) about parking tickets

New plates are in the mail and should arrive within 10 days

Notaries are...outgoing in the morning

WPI mail down again

WPI mail is down again and was extremely flakey for the past couple hours. It's been hard down for about 30 minutes now. Problems don't seem to be isolated to mail though, the ccc linux cluster is just not happy. Not making for a productive evening.
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That's Jeremy Hitchcock, Esquire!

My application for notary public in the State of New Hampshire has been accepted. I have a declaration personally signed by the governor that says so too. I am picking out my seal now. For the record under RSA Chapter 455, I have these powers:
  • Notarize signatures (except my own)

  • All of the powers of a justice of the peace in relation to depositions

  • Acknowledgment of deeds and other instruments

  • Administration of oaths

I have to keep a "protest of evidence" or a log of all things that I notarize.
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Bye Bye Myth TV

Right now, I am installing Windows XP on what was going to be my Myth TV box. While I don't doubt that Myth TV works, there are just too many steps. While part of it is an ego thing to get it working on Linux, there are just too many steps. I would rather install it on Windows, have some app launcher and be done with it. Unless I ever want to do something like this commercially, it just doesn't matter. As Kevin says, it really needs to be a package.